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Monday, November 9, 2009



Unity Coalition for Israel

The very existence of the modern state of Israel is a miracle. And now it seems another miracle is needed to preserve the 2,000 year-old dream. What will we do during the Jewish calendar year 5770 to counter almost insurmountable obstacles to assure Israel's continued existence?

Prime Minister Netanyahu and all other Israelis need to continue to hear the loud and clear voices of Americans who support them and who worry about the self-defeating measures being imposed upon them (such as freezing the settlements, the two-state solution, and welcoming a hostile Palestinian terrorist state into their midst).

Unacceptable anti-Israel, anti-Semitic rhetoric has become commonplace and fills the airways, reminiscent of the 1930s. World powers seem willing to sacrifice Israel to appease Iran, whose threats of nuclear genocide seem ready to be fulfilled.

The inroads Islamists have made can be attributed to Saudi/Soros wealth along with successful left wing propaganda and PR campaigns. Their progress must be countered. UCI unites Americans, Israelis and other concerned citizens of the world and reveals the true picture in the Middle East.

For 18 years during these hazardous times, the Unity Coalition for Israel has never been afraid to speak up and we will continue to do so.

We disagree with President Obama's call for freezing so-called settlements and his insistence on a "two-state solution." There are other viable alternatives and we have begun to partner with the Pro-Israel Caucus in the Congress to deliver that message. We are responsible for disseminating information to them and the parliaments of 15 more pro-Israel countries.

Now, more than ever, we need your financial support to continue the fight against the eradication of Israel, the spread of radical Islamic Jihad and impending establishment of a global caliphate intended to destroy all of western civilization.

Please make a donation at our secure PayPal portal or write a check payable to UCI and send to 3965 W. 83rd St., #292, Shawnee Mission, KS 66208. You will be helping UCI to meet this international challenge as we work on many fronts. We will continue to educate and activate many thousands of organizations and individuals, ever-broadening our outreach.

• For example, UCI is supporting a Middle East Israeli Initiative developed by Rabbi Benny Elon, former Minister of Tourism and Member of the Knesset. Learn more about the Israeli Initiative here.

• We are currently developing an important outreach through internet broadcasting as well as through other media outlets to publicize this new humanitarian approach to solving the Palestinian Refugee problem.

• With today's powerful social networking tools, our readers interact through our new comment system as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts. We are networking further and faster than ever before.

• Our on-going daily collection of the best commentaries, articles and editorials published in our newsletter, Today's News Summaries, Urgent Action Alerts, Press Releases, and Media Alerts continue to reach and enlighten tens of thousands of people daily in America and worldwide.

• UCI reaches fifteen pro-Israel parliaments (and counting) through our new connection to the Israeli Initiative and the (IIACF) International Israel Allies Caucus Foundation. In this way our message is sent around the world with a new governmental impact.

At this time of political and ideological upheaval, the world has joined forces to scapegoat Israel and the Jews once again, we cannot remain silent and repeat the folly of the '30s.

We call upon you to help us. Together we can fight this crucial battle as we strive to help Israel fulfill her destiny and remain as a light unto the nations.

For a safe and secure Israel,

Esther Levens Unity Coalition for Israel CEO and Founder

Please contribute through our secure PayPal portal or write a check payable to UCI and send to 3965 W. 83rd St., #292, Shawnee Mission, KS 66208.

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