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Friday, May 21, 2010


Israel in the Teeth of the Storm

Posted: 19 Jan 2010 07:46 PM PST BY SULTAN

Gaza has become the cause celebre of the European left, and there are no shortage of activists, left wing celebrities and politicians eager to get their own Jane Fonda photo op with the Muslim Brotherhood derived terrorists of Hamas, who in any other forum would be chopping their heads off.

In the name of "human rights" the presses churn out cartoons that recall the best work of Nazi Germany's Der Sturmer and the USSR's Krokodil, in all the splendid pornographic iconography of anti-semitism mingling the Star of David with the Swastika, greedy Jews controlling the government, monstrous Jews devouring Arab children, when they aren't crucifying them.

To go by all this torrent of hate, this sewer flow of bile and boiling cauldron of rage, one might imagine that Israel was conducting a non-stop military invasion of Gaza, complete with ruined buildings and charred rubble. You might picture a Sharon style bulldozing of Hamas compounds and squads of Israeli paratroopers firing in all directions. And you would be wrong.

The simple summary of the situation is that in response to the Hamas takeover of Gaza, Israel closed its border with Gaza. Yes, all the lamenting shrieks, the mangled carols and the Red and Brownshirts screaming madly about the Zionist cancer is in response to Israel exercising its most basic right of self-defense by building a wall and getting behind it.

Naturally in the eyes of the left, this refusal by Israel to have open borders with a blatantly terrorist entity that was trying to bring back crucifixion, was considered the worst Zionist war crime yet. And the European left developed an all encompassing concern for what they called, "The People of Gaza", by which like "The Russian People" in 1928 and "The People of Iraq" in 2003, they really meant the murdering thugs at the top whom they supported. Calling them "The People" is always safer, particularly when really you mean the Muslim Brotherhood, the Bolsheviks or Saddam Hussein, and by the twisted progressive logic of the left, homicidal mania directed at the forces of capitalism makes one a genuine representative of the workers and peasants, e.g. the People.

The "Wall" which kept the friendly neighborhood Hamas suicide bombers out of Tel Aviv cafes and Jerusalem buses, was declared the Apartheid Wall, thus making it somehow different than all the other non-apartheid border fences and walls in the world, including the Great Wall of China, built to keep barbarian hordes on the other side. And of course substantively different than the Egypt, Gaza border which is somehow not at all an Apartheid border. Presumably because there aren't Jews on one side of it.

And what Israel demonstrated, yet failed to learn, is that even resorting to a passive means of self-defense while letting through as much humanitarian aid as could be gathered, providing medical care and even Swine Flu vaccines, not only serves as absolutely no defense, but incites the human rights crew to even greater extremes of rage. It is hard to see how Israel could be doing less to defend itself than it is, short of just gassing its own citizens to get it over with, and yet the furor is easily equal to what one might expect if there Israeli tanks rolling across Gaza every night.

Sweden and Counterpunch rediscovered the medieval blood libel. In the UK, Caryl Churchill launched Seven Jewish Children: A Play for Gaza, a slightly more liberal version of the kind of productions that Goebbels used to personally oversee. And then there are the rewritten Christmas Carols, the boycotts, and the British and American celebrities like Roger Waters, Oliver Stone Mike Leigh and Viggo Mortensen, lining up for their own Jane Fonda moment. Ken Loach, who had previously whined that critics were unfairly accusing him of being a bigot, said that anti-semitism was understandable.

George Galloway's Viva Palestina organization, the name alone a pathetically awkward synthesis of Marxist romanticism and Islamism, is raising money to ship ambulances to Gaza. And if you're wondering why Gaza suddenly has an ambulance shortage, it's because Hamas took the last batch for its own purposes, which includes using ambulances to carry out terrorist attacks. The same thing is likely to happen to this batch as well, which means that Viva Palestina is little more than a terrorist smuggling network. Of course donors to any Galloway project might want to keep in mind that with Saddam unable to offer Georgie any more money on account of being unavoidably deceased, Parliament's oldest Marxist Scottish soccer hooligan has found himself a little short of funds.

Back when George Galloway was campaigning against the sanctions placed on Saddam, he met a 4 year old Iraqi girl named Mariam Hamza with Leukemia, and set up the Mariam Appeal in her name, vowing that he would use the money to pay for her treatment in Glasgow. Needless to say little Mariam never saw the millions that Galloway raised in her name or any Glasgow hospital. Neither did any other children. Instead the money was used to fund Galloway's trips around the world, preaching hate for America and Israel, and promoting terrorism and tyranny.

But if Galloway's rabid bigotry and enthusiastic support for terrorists were once extreme, today when academic associations launch boycotts of Israel, left wing actors boycott Israeli films and Nazi propaganda gets put to new use by Europe's leftist elites in playhouses and newspapers-- he is positively mainstream. Some 70 years after Kristalnacht, all the old political tools of National Socialism have been brushed off for use by Progressive Socialists, from boycotts to bigotry to outright murder by proxy.

While the official organizations of European Jewry continue to profess concern about the rise of the right, in line with official government and left wing concerns about Islamophobia, they know quite well that the reason synagogues need surveillance cameras. Jewish schoolchildren are advised not to wear distinguishing clothing and Jewish schools need high walls, is most likely to be directly connected to the passionate feelings of Mohammed and Achmed on the subject of Jews and what should be done with them, rather than Pierre and Pete. That is not to say that the BNP or Le Pen's merry albeit aging boys and girls do not have strong feelings on the subject, but they are a good deal less likely to air them accompanied by a molotov cocktail or a knife, than your friendly neighborhood Algerian, Moroccan or Pakistani out of Manchester or Paris.

But Israel has naturally taken the blame for that as well. And some European Jews who have never squashed their inner galut yid, have fallen for it. Like so many diplomats they have discovered that it is easier to pressure Israel to make concessions to terrorism, than to pressure terrorists to stop being terrorists. The former is futile, but entirely achieve. The latter is both futile and impossible to achieve. But now that Israeli citizens crouch behind a wall and rocket proof their homes, now that Israel has taken passive defenses in the face of terrorism to a new level, the hate has only continued to grow.

Walls and passive defenses are not the answer. Nor is pointing to the number of Palestinian Arabs treated free of charge in Israeli hospitals, some of whom nevertheless did their best to blow said facilities sky high. A passive defense is an active surrender, and trying to compare your level of humanitarianism to that of terrorist killers who blew up entire families at Passover seders and tried to assemble an HIV poisoned bomb, but who are nevertheless the toast of the European cultural elites, is an exercise in insane futility. It is not that they merely cannot tell the difference between two warring sides, they can. And not only that, fully aware of what they are doing, they are now eagerly engaging in a propaganda war on behalf of an Islamist terrorist organization that is a genetic cousin of Al Queda's.

The last 17 years have conclusively proven that there is absolutely nothing that Israel can do that will appease Islamic terrorists or their foreign backers. Israel can continue playing out this game to the next stage, at which point the Quartet will carve up Jerusalem, and the war will move on the next stage, and the next... until there is no Israel left. Or Israel can tear down the defensive walls it has built and go on the offensive. And for Jews abroad in turn it is past time that we stopped apologizing for a country that has had far more patience with terrorists, than any of the Middle Eastern countries they go on holiday to, such as Egypt and Jordan, have.

When the Intifada began, Israel brought out the tear gas and Jordan brought out the machine guns. And that succinctly explains why there are two Palestinian terrorist states inside Israel, and none inside Jordan, despite a 90 percent Palestinian Arab composition. In the final analysis force trumps humanism, particularly with humanitarians who for all their talk of peace and love, love nothing so much as a regime with a great many gulags and dungeons. Every concession that Israel has made, has only led to more terrorism from Muslim terrorists, and viler rhetoric and more open hate, from their left wing fellow travelers. When Israel stops being on the defensive, its enemies, all those who hope and strive for the death of free nations so that their favored tyrants and thugs might rule over them, will find themselves on the defensive instead.

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  1. I take it from your bigoted ramblings that Left-wing Israeli Jews don't exist then?