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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


!! Shariah Comes to Vanderbilt !!

Muslim Chaplain Asserts Homosexuality

Is “punishable by death”

Contact Vanderbilt University

to Express Your Concern

Dear Art,

Last week, a Vanderbilt University Muslim chaplain publicly acknowledged what those of us who study shariah Islamic law know.

Awadh Binhazim, when pressed on whether or not shariah Islamic law requires the death penalty for homosexuals, asserted that yes, it does.

Furthermore, he stated: “I don’t have a choice as a Muslim to accept or reject teachings.”

According to a January 29th WorldNetDaily article, Awadh Binhazim is listed on the Vanderbilt website as “Adjunct Professor of Islam at the Divinity School” and is described by Vanderbilt University officials as “the university’s Muslim chaplain.”

To see the 3 minute video of the exchange between Binhazim and Devin Saucier, president of Vanderbilt’s chapter of Youth for Western Civilization, click here or the image below.

We encourage you to contact Vanderbilt University—especially if you are an alumnus and/or a donor (and forward this email to others).

Respectfully but firmly ask that the university publicly and unequivocally condemn Binhazim’s statement as repugnant and incompatible with the laws of American society.

You can call or email the Vanderbilt Office of Public Affairs:

Phone: 615.343.1790


We must make it crystal clear to those like Awadh Binhazim, and all those who agree with his belief in oppressive, intolerant and extremist shariah Islamic law:

* That this belief is repugnant to us and we will tirelessly speak out against it and those who advocate it.

* That shariah Islamic law is incompatible with American civil society and constitutional law.

* And that we will oppose any and every effort to advance shariah law here in America, in whatever form it takes.


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