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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


AJC Slams Polish Bishop's Holocaust Denial

January 25, 2010 – New York – AJC condemned Bishop Tadeusz Pieronek, one of the leading figures in the Polish Catholic Church, for describing the Holocaust as a “Jewish invention” in an interview with an Italian Catholic news website.

Pieronek also accused Israel of turning the Holocaust into “propaganda” and called for Palestinians to be commemorated through a day similar to International Holocaust Memorial Day, which falls on January 27.

“Bishop Pieronek’s shameful lies, broadcast in a week when the world reflects on the murder of six million Jews and millions of others by the Nazis, must be swiftly and unreservedly condemned by the Polish Catholic Church and the Vatican,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris. AJC also urged that Pieronek be disciplined by his superior, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, the Archbishop of Krakow.

“After the recent controversy involving Holocaust denier Bishop Richard Williamson, we expect the Vatican to act decisively against all manifestations of Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism within the Church,” said Harris. “Bishop Pieronek’s odious comments highlight why such action is sorely needed.”
Vatican Points Finger At The Wrong Party

A Vatican document released last week blamed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Israel's "occupying" of lands for driving Christians out of Israel and making life difficult for those who remain.

However, Christians here who fled their homes in Palestinian-controlled territory largely blamed Muslim intimidation for their plight in interviews with this reporter.

Bethlehem's Christian population started to drastically decline in 1995, the very year the Palestinian Authority took over the city in line with the U.S.-backed Oslo Accords. Suddenly, after the Palestinians gained control of the territory, reports of Christian intimidation by Muslims began to surface.

Christian leaders and residents said they face an atmosphere of regular hostility. They said Palestinian armed groups stir tension by holding militant demonstrations and marches in the streets. They spoke of instances in which Christian shopkeepers' stores were ransacked and Christian homes attacked.

Some Christian leaders said one of the most significant problems facing Christians in Bethlehem is the rampant confiscation of land by Muslim gangs.

"There are many cases in which Christians have their land stolen by the [Muslim] mafia," Samir Qumsiyeh, a Bethlehem Christian leader and owner of the Beit Sahour-based private Al-Mahd (Nativity) TV station, told this column in a recent in-person interview in Bethlehem.

Aaron Klein is Jerusalem bureau chief for He appears throughout the week on leading U.S. radio programs and is the author of the book "The Late Great State of Israel." Follow Klein on Twitter under the name "AaronKleinWND."

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  1. Tadeusz Pieronek, a Polish bishop, declared that the Holocaust was invented by Jews to garner support from the rest of the world. According to Bishop Pieronek the Holocaust is mere “propaganda.” This astonishing statement, however, comes from a Catholic bishop from a country with a notorious history of Christian antisemitism and in which millions of Jews perished. Many Poles collaborated with the Germans, and most looked the other way as their Jewish neighbors were dragged from their homes and shot in a nearby forest or gassed in a death camp down the road. Even after WWII and the defeat of Germany many Jews were victims of Catholic Poles.

    None of this should be too surprising, though, given what the Catholic Church in Poland taught the faithful. Cardinal Augustyn Hlond, primate of Poland, said in a pastoral letter in 1936, three years before the German invasion and as part of an official Catholic endorsement of the Nazi boycott of Jewish business in Poland:

    “There will be the Jewish problem as long as Jews remain. It is a fact that the Jews are fighting against the Catholic Church, persisting in freethinking, and are the vanguard of godlessness, Bolshevism and subversion. It is a fact that the Jewish influence on morality is pernicious and that their publishing houses disseminate pornography. It is a fact that the Jews deceive, levy interest, and are pimps. It is a fact that the religious and ethical influence of the Jewish young people on the Polish young people is a negative one.”

    This was read from the pulpits of all churches in the country.

    Gabriel Wilensky
    Six Million Crucifixions:
    How Christian Teachings About Jews Paved the Road to the Holocaust
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