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Monday, June 21, 2010


Andrew Bostom has some fantastic background material on Turkey's Islamist ruler, Erdogan.

In 1974, Erdogan, while serving as president of the Istanbul Youth Group of his mentor, former Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan’s National Salvation Party, wrote, directed, and played the leading role in a theatrical play entitled Maskomya, staged throughout Turkey during the 1970s. Mas-Kom-Ya was a compound acronym for “Masons-Communists-Yahudi” — the latter meaning “Jews.” The play focused on the evil, conspiratorial nature of these three entities whose common denominator was Judaism.

Then there's the giant heaping bag of Goebbels level crazy unloaded a few years ago by Erbakan, the leader of Erdogan's ruling party and a former Prime Minister. There's too much crazy to list, but here are the high points

we will know that there are no 200 countries in the world. There are only two. One is the world of Islam, and the other is all the others. Who uses these others? Racist imperialism [meaning Zionism].

China's and India's industrial development is being carried out with Jewish capital. Japan's too. They control them too. Now, only Islam remains against them.

This racist imperialist Zionism organized 19 Crusades just to reach its goals.

It was Zionism that established the sect of Protestantism. The capitalist order of today is the religious order of Protestantism.

"All this is because the Evangelical sect was built by the Jews for them to think that way. Bush belongs to that sect. Clinton belongs to that sect. Anyone you know…

Let's assume you, as a Muslim, want to go to [Mecca for] the haj, and you want to fly on a Turkish plane. For an airline to get a permit to fly and land in other airports, it must be a member of the IATA. The IATA is an organization of the children of Israel, of Rockefeller. To become a member, airlines must give them [the Jews] 9% of the ticket proceeds."

After they made us sign the Treaty of Sèvres, the French came to Kahramanmaras [on the Syrian border], not to keep it but to give it to make it part of Greater Israel. The English went to Palestine, not to keep it for themselves, but to build Israel. They are doing all this just so that Jesus will return.

But Erkaban's craziness is not atypical within the Muslim world, or inside Turkey. Erdogan defended Erkaban vigorously, blaming the whole thing on America and the Jews.

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