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Monday, December 28, 2009


A Voice from Hebron

Gary M. Cooperberg - Dec 24, 2009
Bible Light International

It must be stated, clearly and unequivocally, that the blackmail of the Jewish State via Hamas kidnaping a Jewish soldier is a direct result of Israel's policy to negotiate with those who seek our destruction rather than destroy and remove them. In truth we are only negotiating with ourselves. The Arabs have no intention to abandon their goal to destroy Israel under any circumstances. Every time we make a "gesture" for peace we are hammering another nail into our national coffin.

Why do our leaders consistently talk about giving away parts of our country to our enemies? When Sharon gave away Gaza to the PLO he had no illusions that peace would result. He stated from the outset that not one Jew would remain in Gaza. Is that a vision of peace? And, even worse than that, he ordered all Jewish graves dug up and the remains removed for reburial outside of Gaza. Is that a vision of peace? Our leaders know very well who our alleged "peace partners" really are, yet they continue to pretend that we are engaged in a peace process. Our enemies are at war with us and we continue to make peace. Clearly our continued existence is nothing less than miraculous.

There is no Jew who wants to see Gilad Shalit remain in captivity. Yet when demonstrators take to the streets demanding that the government accept anything our enemies demand to get him back, what they are doing is aiding our enemies! Maybe we should just surrender unconditionally to get him back. We already set the precedent to release murderers from our prisons. That precedent is what lead to our present predicament. Only a strong leadership can get us out of this mess and steer the country in the right direction. Unfortunately we have no such leadership.

In war there are no innocent civilians. Our enemies know this and demonstrate it when they deliberately attack our civilian population. Rather than recognize an act of war, our government treats each attack as if it were a criminal offense and limits its response to the attacker. Every Arab who calls himself a "Palestinian" is an enemy of the Jewish State. Yet our government recognizes them as legitimate citizens of Israel and even accepts such people as members of our Knesset! No other country in the world would behave this way.

Our enemies continue to attack us because we continue to demonstrate our weakness and unwillingness to fight for our country. Why shouldn't they attack us and kidnap our soldiers? This is how they hope to defeat us! And we are helping them.

The government of Israel has other ways to free our prisoners. Rather than accept blackmail it is we who should be offering ultimatums. We have the upper hand. We hold far more prisoners than they do. How dare we permit them to dictate demands to us! Had we genuine Jewish leaders Gilad would have been returned immediately. In any kidnaping there is a fifty fifty chance of rescuing the victim... even if the ransom is paid. We can and must make the price of keeping Gilad far more than the terrorists are willing to pay. They must know that, should any harm come to him, not only will they get all the prisoners they demanded with bullets in their heads, but that the IDF will relentlessly attack them until they are destroyed. It is high time for Israel to recognize that we are at war, and make a decision to win it once and for all.

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