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Saturday, December 26, 2009


Meretz to Protest in Shimon Hatzaddik

Reported: 12:53 PM - Dec/17/09
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Meretz activists will conduct a protest in the Shimon Hatzaddik neighborhood in Jerusalem Friday. The Meretz demonstrators said they were protesting "attempts to silence the protests against the takeover of houses in the 'Sheikh Jarrah settlement' by settlers, which climaxed in the injury of dozens of protesters last Friday by police," the group said in a statement.

The Meretz statement did not address the fact that Jewish residents of the neighborhood were living in their homes as the result of a court decision that ruled that the homes belong to them, and that the Arab residents of the homes had squatted there for years, paying no rent to the houses' legal owners.
by Gil Ronen Leftist Provocation Near Hevron

Physical altercations broke out Saturday between Jews from the Mitzpeh Asael outpost in southern Mount Hevron, and a group composed of Arabs and non-Arab leftists.

The Arabs and leftists showed up at the spot, ostensibly to cultivate fields near the outposts. This – despite the IDF ban on visits to the area, which has been given the status of a Sealed Military Zone.

One report said that an Arab tractor driver who refused to leave the place was arrested and transferred to police questioning at Hevron Precinct.

25 left-wing activists were arrested Friday in the course of a demonstration at the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem. About 150 demonstrators tried to enter the neighborhood and encountered a police force that demanded they disperse because the demonstration was an illegal one. They refused and police used force to break up the demonstration, arresting 25.

Several demonstrators were lightly hurt.

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