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Monday, October 25, 2010

Iran can now export weapons to over 50 countries' from Israel Matzav

Time to give Iran a deadline

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, who also has a doctorate in Philosophy, warned on Thursday that sanctions alone will not stop Iran, and called on the United States to issue an ultimatum to stop Iran's nuclear weapons program.

“There is tremendous progress regard to sanctions and we praised the American administration for its success in passing tough sanctions, which Iran is starting to feel,” he told reporters while on a visit to Washington. But it may be that sanctions alone won’t be sufficient and the US and other countries will have to set a clear warning and deadline, a strong and harsh ultimatum.”

He declined to specify what such a threat would consist of, though he said an embargo and other steps short of military attack could be considered.

Good luck with that. The only people this administration seems to know how to pressure is the Jooos. posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 2:10 PM

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