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Sunday, June 28, 2009

EDITORIAL: Iran & Obama - An Assessment

The Iranian people, in a grass roots demonstration of their ire at a fake election, ought to be congratulated, honored and extolled for their bravery in the face of a fascist regime. Instead, what have the leaders of free people said and done? Virtually nothing - and have given the fascists a free pass to Go!

It is appalling to see our leaders genuflecting and carefully choosing their modest words in order to later have a dialog, so to speak as a reward for the murder of their subjugated citizens.

What has been the reply to the US president for asking to dialog with these cruel Ayatollahs and their Nazi cohorts? First, America must apologize for all the bad stuff we have done to the Iranians. Then, they will further make us grovel and beg. Only then will they talk together - maybe.

How does our dear brave president answer them? In Cairo, he was very clear. We don't want them to have the BOMB, but nuclear energy is OK. Just like nuclear energy was developed with India, Pakistan and North Korea.

The Jeanie is out. Saudi Arabia, Egypt and a few other places are on the way to develop "peaceful" nuclear energy. Just like nuclear energy was developed with India, Pakistan and North Korea.

Does anybody know what our fearless leader has done about North Korea nukes and missiles and Pakistan nukes?

We all know that the weak leader always picks on the little guy towards whom he has touted his devotion. So much so, that he has decided what is best for the security of his little buddy. More than that, his unpublished, but ever so obvious, agenda is to make sure that he appeases all the guys who want to destroy the little fellow. He really has demonstrated his strength when it comes to pushing around his little pal - Israel. One must wonder why he does not use similar tactics against America's enemies.

The most powerful leader in the world has been tested and has failed the test miserably. Now only one question remains: Is dismantling Israel too high a price for America to pay in order to attempt initiating friendly relations with Iran?

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