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Saturday, June 20, 2009


The Two-State NON-Solution
Jill Cooper - Jun 11, 2009

The present, so-called “two-state solution” for Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews is a formula that assures endless conflict and suffering for both peoples. It continues to fail because the concept is inherently unworkable. Whenever two incompatible peoples are deliberately confined within one space, bloody conflict almost always results. A sane, just, and workable alternative remains available that would assure both Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews of a future that is safe, free and prosperous. That alternative is proposed later after first showing why the present solution can never succeed.

Iraq was created after WWI by the British to serve their imperialist oil interests. Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites were confined inside one national boundary, drawn by the British. We saw the religious tensions and the mass killings that ensued. In formerly British-ruled Sudan we had Muslims dominating a country with a large Black population with the ensuing mass slaughter of blacks by the Muslims. In the former Yugoslavia, too close proximity between Muslims and Christians sparked a war requiring massive bombing by the Clinton administration and tensions there still exist. All through history there are examples where placing incompatible peoples in close proximity to each other have led to conflict and killing.

To create a state of Palestine in Gaza and the West Bank (Judea and Samaria), directly adjacent to Israel, is also geographically insane. There is no room for normal development, much less for natural growth, within this coffin-size area, of only 2,400 square miles, which includes mountains that are unsuitable for normal habitation. A state of Palestine would also be politically and militarily unworkable with Hamas terrorists in Gaza taking over the totally corrupt and inefficient regime of Mahmoud Abbas - which they are already doing.

The U.S.-sponsored Roadmap for Peace requires that Israel must be able to absolutely trust America to keep all of its commitments.

The U.S. already violated its prior commitment to first assure a permanent end to Arab terror attacks prior to any Israeli withdrawal.

The U.S. continues to fund, arm and train the Palestinian Authority while ignoring their ongoing attacks, their incitement against Israel and their maps of Palestine that show no Israel.

Clearly, Israel cannot trust America to keep its commitments. In the past the administration has abrogated certain commitments to Israel with no advance notice and no opportunity for mutual consultations. In 2002, the Bush announcement proposing a two state solution was made with no advance notice to Israel. This plan would leave Israel with an indefensible space nine miles wide containing its main population center and with no dependable allies. With the U.S. having demonstrated that it cannot be trusted, the only alternative left is to seek a solution that does not depend on Israel trusting America, the UN or anyone else for that matter. It is too late for President Obama to now use threats to demand that Israel again trust America.

The U.S.-sponsored two-state solution is not necessarily in the interests of the American people either. American Mid East policy is dominated by the powerful oil lobby which keeps us enslaved to oil and perpetually vulnerable. This policy originated in the Roosevelt Administration with the alliance with Ibn Saud of Arabia. They supply the oil and we defend them with our blood. Our continued dependence on Mid East oil, and their regional dictators, was a deliberate political decision that increasingly harms the American people as well as the Israelis, and the Arabs living inside those oil dictatorships. The U.S. policy of deliberate oil dependency is exposed in the 2006 book, Internal Combustion - How Corporations and Governments Addicted the World to Oil and Derailed the Alternatives by Edwin Black.

This conflict can be solved peacefully by observing and copying the actions of the international community concerning population relocation. During the last century Arab governments persecuted, robbed, and evicted nearly a million Jews with NO objection from the international community or America. Jews had lived in those countries since long before the Arab invasions started following Mohammed’s death. A large number of these now destitute Jewish refugees were taken in by Israel and with no assistance from the UN which now funds the Palestinians. After WWII millions of Europeans were displaced and forced to move to other countries with minimal assistance in vast population exchanges. Millions of Muslims have migrated to Western Europe and America where they manage very well living far from their former homes in the Middle East. Palestinian Arabs cannot be the sole exception, in the entire world, to need and benefit from relocation.

Jews have only one country but the Muslims have over 50. Israel comprises only about 10,000 square miles while the Muslims occupy about 12 million square miles – a thousand to one ratio! It is evil to suggest that the Jews have too much and the Muslims have too little, but some still do make that claim.

Many Palestinian Arabs have already indicated their willingness to emigrate. Considerable numbers of those with skills and money have already left for other countries, both Muslim and Western. Polls conducted by Arab organizations also show that many more Palestinian Arabs would readily emigrate if they could be assured a cash settlement plus a home and a job. That’s not surprising. Who would prefer to live under a corrupt repressive regime in Gaza or the West Bank if they had a better opportunity elsewhere? Those who truly care about helping the Palestinians should be actively supporting their freedom of choice to emigrate. Those who insist on keeping them confined under intolerable conditions show that they hate Jews more than they love the Palestinians.
The following books are a sample of those that document how the American and British governments acted to prevent a Jewish state from being reborn after the Holocaust of WWII.

The Abandonment of the Jews 1941-1945 by Historian David Wyman

While Six Million Died - A Chronicle of American Apathy by Arthur D. Morse

From Time Immemorial – The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict Over Palestine by Joan Peters (Documents how the British sabotaged their League of Nations Mandate of 1922 to help establish the Jewish National Home in Palestine to benefit both Jews and Arabs.)

Despite their best efforts these government officials in the State Department, the intelligence community and other officials hostile to Jews, failed to prevent Israel’s rebirth. They never became reconciled to the idea of a reborn Jewish State living in peace and security with defensible borders. Their continued actions suggest that they would prefer a Middle East without an Israel and they continue to work towards that objective while trying to not leave too many obvious fingerprints. See the book, The Secret War Against the Jews – How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People by John Loftus and Mark Aarons.

Promoters of the so-called two-state solution have failed to bring it about peacefully because it is inherently unworkable. The Obama Administration is now trying to rush it through by forcing Israel to ethnically cleanse tens ofthousands of Jews from their homes in a racist action. The Obama administration continues to accept racism by Arab regimes. America arms and defends Jordan and Saudi Arabia where Christians and Jews are not allowed to live. No demands for them to allow non-Muslims to live there. It is only Jews that are to be evicted only because they are Jews.

Note also that all lands outside of Arabia were acquired by conquest by Arabs inspired by Mohammed, the warrior prophet, beginning in the 7th century. The Arabs came to conquer the land of Israel in the year 638 which was 1,600 years after the Jewish people already had established their country under King David with their capital in Jerusalem. Let us now dispense with the nonsense of Arab claims to any part of the land of Israel.

The Koran itself contains some revealing assertions. Sura 5.20 says, “Remember Moses said to his people: “O my People! call in remembrance the favor of Allah unto you, when He produced prophets among you, made you kings, and gave you what He had not given to any other among the peoples.” Sura 5.21 says, “O my people ! enter the holy land which Allah hath assigned unto you, and turn not back ignominiously, for then will ye be overthrown, to you own ruin.” (Good advice!) The preceding quotes are from a translation by Allama Abdullah Yusf Ali and printed in LahorePakistan in 1970. Even the holy Koran here recognizes the unique connection between the Jews and the land of Israel.

A fair and humane program ( for relocation of the Palestinian Arabs was also developed by Rabbi Benny Elon who was a member of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. Many members of Congress showed interest in this plan but it did not get the wide public exposure that it deserved. This alternative approach to a peaceful solution needs to be seriously considered. You can assist by making copies of this entire article and circulating them to friends and to elected officials. Was it Albert Einstein who said that one definition of insanity is to repeat what has always failed in the past and yet expect a different outcome next time? More insanity will not lead to peace. Time to try some sanity. Contributing Editor Jill Cooper specializes in Middle Eastern affairs.

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