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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


National Jewish Democratic Council

While no person can agree with everything any President says, it appears that your group is in agreement with everything the President says regarding the Israel issues.

I take exception to the manner in which you fully support his pressure on Israel. First, he says he would do nothing which endangers Israel's security. Is he the decider of what is correct for Israeli security or is the Israeli government?

Occupation appears to be a problem for this President? Where was the occupation problem before 1967? Was it occupation of Israel that was the problem for the last 61 years?

Settlements seem to be such a problem that Abbas has fixed it so our President negotiates for him via fiat. Now the PA will not deal with Israel until the settlements are frozen and by extension vast areas of Israel are Judenrein. Forget about changing their maps to show Israel. Obama seems to forget that the 'occupation' refers to all the lands of Israel.

Israel has been told to give up it's capitol to people who have never allowed Jews to pray there in peace and you support this? How about having an implacable foe sitting in a position to split what little is left of Israel in half? What about those who are bent on destroying Israel having the ability to shut down it's only international airport?

Would you want Canada to decide what is best for US security? Not to mention why Israel has to be the only country in the world that has been under constant threat of extinction. How many times must Israel give and get nothing but more death in return? Look at the history. Every time Israel has given up any advantage more Israeli's ended up dead.

Just because you belong to the Democrat party that does not mean that you cannot correct Obama, does it?

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