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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Subject: Iran and North Korea 'raise the stakes'

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National EMP Conference to Include

Brigitte Gabriel and Guy Rodgers;

Actions by Iran, North Korea “raise the stakes”

Concerns over a possible EMP attack on the United States have increased significantly since Congress first established the EMP Commission, nine years ago. The recent missile launches by North Korea and Iran’s continued drive to develop nuclear bombs mean these concerns are well-founded.

An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is caused by a high-altitude nuclear explosion. It can burn out the electrical grid, computers, telephones, water supply and transportation systems of an entire country. The potential for such widespread destruction from a single weapon, while unrecognized by most Americans, is a serious threat to our nation that must be addressed.

As we noted in emails to you a few months ago, ACT! for America has joined a national coalition dedicated to informing and educating Americans about this threat, and developing and executing action plans to address it.

As part of this effort, beginning the evening of September 8th, ACT! for America will be participating with leading think tanks and other organizations in the first-ever national EMP conference in Niagara Falls, New York.

Brigitte Gabriel and ACT! for America Executive Director Guy Rodgers will join EMP Commission members, national leaders and EMP experts to speak at the conference.

The two day event, hosted by EMPACT America Inc., will explore the threat, the potential impact on America and options to protect our critical infrastructures and our homes. The conference will conclude with a special interactive session to lay out an action plan.

This conference is intended as a watershed event, helping to build a national consensus on the urgency to end our unprecedented vulnerability to a weapon that may already be in the hands of rogue nations or terror groups dedicated to our destruction.

We encourage ACT! for America members to explore the possibility of attending this seminal event. For more information and to register for the conference, visit


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