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Saturday, July 4, 2009


This is a letter sent to the president, vice-president and both state senators. We encourage all our readers and friends to do the same.

I don't understand these foreign policy matters that you support. Could you send me a comprehensive explanation as to how this makes any sense for the long term security of the USA?

We do not interfere with IRAN and moderately criticize the fascists while pursuing dialog with a regime that has been talking with the Europeans for six years. Net accomplishment is zero and worse. Our regime does not want to be seen as meddling in Iran, but is seen as meddling in other places like Israel and Honduras.

The Hondurans legally throw out a criminal president and we excoriate them while supporting Castro and Chavez in the process! This behavior demonstrates the approval from Washington of the movement of drugs through Honduras and into the USA.

Israel and the Arabs have a dispute and we support the Arabs to the extent that the Arabs no longer want to talk to Israel until our ally does exactly what the USA requires. I guess Washington knows best as to what is good for the security of Israel. Which other country's security interests are run in Washington?
North Korea is as bellicose as you can get without war and the USA does nothing, but condemn. Something the NK's are used to.

We are stopping construction a new generation fighter and will not even allow our allies to buy them.

Our intelligence community has been severely debilitated in the last six months.

For the first time ever, we must treat none American combatants as though they have US citizenship. It seems that we will soon involve battlefield lawyers telling our troops when they can fire their guns.

Washington is now prepared to limit our missile defenses while others are expanding aggressive missile development.

It would appear to an independent observer that we are nicer to our enemies than to our friends. All of the above give one the impression that the USA now has a regime in Washington prepared to talk to fascists and protect criminals no matter what they do while we bully our little friends and allies and diminish our national security.

Does any of this make sense to you? Surely, this is not a partisan matter, but it cries out for correction or our national security will soon be a thing of the past

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