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Thursday, July 2, 2009


Copy of unknown response to HP

From the blog that brought you a breathless "Gazans have no food" story underneath a picture of a fully-stocked Gazan kitchen, this gem:

The antisemites finally have their "Israel is just like the killer Iranian regime" post. Max Blumenthal at The Huffington Post equates the Iranian regime thugs who killed protester Neda Agha-Soltan to the Israelis: "When the mainstream American press chose to broadcast the graphic video -- as moving as the footage is, it is difficult to watch -- it made a commendable decision that nonetheless highlighted its hypocritical attitude towards Palestinians who resist Israeli occupation on a daily basis, and who often meet the same fate as Neda."

No it's true. If there's one thing missing from national and international press coverage of Israel, it's images of suffering Palestinians.

Also: Gazans aren't resisting occupation because Gaza isn't occupied, Israeli treatment of West Bank Palestinians is such that civilians are begging the IDF to return to areas they turned over to the PA, and comparing an innocent, peaceful girl to murderous, kidnapping Palestinian soldiers is beneath contempt. But otherwise: a very well-reasoned and carefully crafted story that demonstrates exactly why the left disdains Israel.

Tough to understand why some people think that HuffPo is an anti-Semitic cesspool where the moderators have to turn off comments because too many readers cheer after Israeli teenagers are massacred by genocidal terrorists.

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