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Friday, July 10, 2009

Our First Muslim President?

Jack Engelhard - Jul 07, 2009

The Muslim answer to Israel has always been "no".

We can`t discuss Barack Obama`s views on Israel and the rest of the world until we face the fact that he is a Muslim. This is not an accusation; if anything, it testifies to America`s goodness and forgiveness. And if there is doubt about his being a Muslim, we have the man at his own word. In his speech from Cairo University, he told the Muslim world, `I am your brother.`

That is not exactly what he said, but this is the quote: "I am a Christian, but my father came from a Kenyan family that includes generations of Muslims."

We know, however, that it`s not possible to be both, but if it is, his gravitational pull seems more inclined towards Mecca. We remember that he - a president of the United States of America - bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia. This was quite exceptional, as America tips its flag to no nation. This time it did - down to the waistline.

As of the moment, Obama has not yet found a suitable church for himself and his family; and the guess here is that he may be in search of a suitable mosque. That, or he`d rather not offend the sensibilities of the Muslim world by attending Christian services. Muslim sensibilities are important to Obama. He has vowed "to fight negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear."

He has said nothing about fighting negative images of Christians and Jews. Negative images of Israel especially are not hard to find.

These negative images seem to be coming mostly from the White House itself, which appears to fault Israel for all the wrongs in the Middle East and elsewhere. Obama`s top international priority has been the "settlements." He demands a halt to Jewish growth in the "territories" and it`s here that we need to understand Obama`s Muslim roots.

The Muslim answer to Israel has always been "no". The Three No`s of Khartoum (1967) still live: "No peace. No negotiations. No recognition of the Jewish State." Now, understanding this, we can begin to understand Obama. This is not political. This is part conditioning, part heredity that causes a man to succumb to the world`s oldest grudge. We call this "reflex".

We can assume that he became a Christian, and joined Rev. Jeremiah Wright`s Chicago church, only for political convenience, since America is not a Muslim nation. On the other hand, yes it is. "America is a Muslim nation," Obama told his brothers in his speech from Cairo, "one of the largest in the world." There was no mention of America`s Judeo-Christian heritage.

Commentators are reluctant to use the M-word for Obama for fear of being termed bigots. By running from the word "Muslim" they, the politicians and the pundits, delegitimize the Islamic faith and fall into the trap of which Obama speaks, that of stereotyping Islam. (Unfortunately, suicide bombings and honor killings and beheadings are facts. Daniel Pearl is not a stereotype and neither is Osama Bin-Laden.)

Obama merits respect whatever faith he chooses, but we would respect him even more if, honoring his father truly, he declared straight up: "I am a Muslim. So what?" Americans are a generous people and we will accept the lineage of any man as long as his heart is in the right place. Instead, Obama is still playing the Christian card. His 20 years at the side of Rev. Wright is no argument.

It is not Christian to sit for sermons that slur Israel and damn America. True Christians are respectfully aware that Jesus was one of "them Jews" - quotes that come directly from the lips of the man who pastored Obama for two decades and who, for some strange reason, is firstly named Jeremiah.

Jeremiah is the prophet who comforted the weeping Rachel by assuring her exiled children that they would be returned to the Promised Land.

Good message to send this White House.

We`re in trouble if Obama continues to be swayed by false preachers and corrupt sovereigns. No liberty can be found among the potentates to whom he genuflects.

For the salvation of America and Israel, we can only hope that this president yields to his finer instincts when he prays to whatever he calls heaven, God or Allah.

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