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Sunday, April 4, 2010


They’ve tried to destroy Israel through warfare.

They’ve tried to destroy Israel through suicide bombings.

They’ve tried to destroy Israel by firing thousands of rockets into Israeli cities.

Now, Israel’s enemies are launching another attack. And it’s going to succeed, unless we as pro-Israel Americans come to Israel’s defense.

Their new plan of attack — to delegitimatize Israel’s very right to exist – and this plan is well underway.

Just look at the Goldstone Report, which seeks to question Israel’s right as a sovereign nation to defend its citizens.

At no time in history, have we seen any other nation be condemned for taking defensive action after having more than 6,300 rockets and mortars launched on its cities.

And Goldstone is just the beginning.

Since 2006 alone, the U.N. Human Rights Council (led by some of the world’s leading human rights violators) has targeted 27 out of 34 censures against Israel.

Throughout these attacks on Israel’s legitimacy, the only country that has consistently stood by Israel’s side has been the United States.

Goldstone is a prime example of this. By a vote of 344-36, the U.S. House of Representatives issued a resolution that soundly rejected the findings of the report and called on the administration to oppose unequivocally any endorsement or further consideration by the U.N.

This stands in stark contrast to the European Parliament, which just last month(by a vote of 335-387) urged its member states to “monitor actively the implementation of recommendations included in the Goldstone Report.”

It is vital we ensure that consistent U.S. support for Israel continue.

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