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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Grassfire Nation: SHOULD THEY BE HEARD?

From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

Since passage of ObamaCare and the takeover
of one-sixth of our nation's economy, I'm seeing
tangible signs of a massive grassroots counter-offensive...

Right here at Grassfire Nation, our statement of protest
initiative has far exceeded my expectations. Over the last
several days, we've been awash, hand-delivering more than
375,000 individual letters of outrage to lawmakers who
supported ObamaCare.

In each of those 375,000 letters to lawmakers, the personal
outrage jumps off the page-opposing lawmakers actions,
supporting lawsuits challenging the constitutionality
of ObamaCare and making it clear to all who voted for
the takeover that there will be no rest until they are
voted from office!

This is not what President Obama envisioned when he proudly,
and arrogantly stood before the American people after
passage of his plan that "this is what change looks like."

He's counting on you and I to fall in line - to follow like
lost sheep even as our nation is co-opted before our eyes!

And art, he and his socialist cohorts are
banking on you having a short memory come November...

+ + Half-a-million Statements of Protest!

I just received a message that we have "countless" more
letters of protest waiting to be printed and delivered...

With your help, I want to have delivered 500,000 CITIZEN
PROTESTS by the Tax Day Tea Party Events in D.C. on
April 15

art, I'm so appreciative that you took a leadership
role in this important initiative, but to reach our goal
of 500,000 citizen protests, I need you to stand with me
and our team just a bit longer.

Have them click below to take action:

Again, let them know that there is NO CHARGE for delivering
their statements of protest to their two Wisconsin
Senators and Representative - Grassfire Nation is absorbing
the cost as a way of saying "Thanks" for standing with us
during this critical time.

We are not sheep who blindly follow. We will not be bullied
into silence - not now, not with so much at stake. And most
importantly, WE WILL NOT FORGET!

Please schedule your statement of protest right now, and
alert your friends to take action with you.

Steve Elliott

Steve Elliott
Grassfire Nation

P.S. I've just finished an exclusive "Grassfire Report" for
members of our team that I'd love for you to hear. Please
click below to listen to this special audio report featuring
the growing protest about ObamaCare and how Grassfire Nation
is responding:
America's tea-party movement is set to explode in less than one week with taxpayer rallies in an estimated 800 U.S. cities and a massive march on the White House.

The movement is now putting President Obama himself on notice with a Tax Day tea party.


A sixth state – Arizona – now has declared that guns made and kept inside its borders essentially are free from federal application, registration and ownership regulations in a surging movement among states that one supporter describes as a direct challenge to "a government monopoly on the supply of firearms."

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