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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Imposing Another Final Solution

Posted: 11 Apr 2010 10:55 PM PDT BY SULTAN

This Sunday, April 11th is the 67th Yom HaShoah, a Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust, the National Socialist attempt at imposing a solution on the Jewish problem. But the idea that there was a Jewish problem that needs a solution predated the Nazis. Pharaoh had the same notion that there was a Jewish problem that needed solving. And countless nations and ideologies followed in his footsteps. Today the socialists of the Democratic Party and the EU again want to impose a solution on that pesky Jewish problem.

The interconnection of the Jewish calendar is such that it is difficult to forget all this history. Two weeks after we are done celebrating Passover, our remembrance of divine salvation from Pharaoh's final solution, comes Yom HaShoah, when we remember the final solution that came in our own time. And in between these, Obama is moving to impose his own final solution, after a meeting with six national security advisors who like the missing participants at the Wannsee Conference all agreed that solving the Jewish problem was key to solving all other problems.

Of course it is impolitic outside the Middle East to call it the Jewish problem. Instead it's usually described as the problem caused by Israel, which unlike Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and the rest of the otherwise peaceful region, is governed by an intractable people who are responsible for all the region's and all the world's problems.

The same columnists and reporters who gasped breathlessly each time Obama glanced at his teleprompter, have already explained to us that all the problems in the Middle East can be boiled down to that awful Mr. Netanyahu and his pack of fanatical Jews building their fanatical houses in Jerusalem. Never mind the legions of suicide bombers, Shiites slaughtering Sunnis, Yemen's civil war, genocide in the Sudan, street riots in Iran, ethnic cleansing threats in Turkey and all the other lovely byproducts of the Religion of Peace... the problem is Jews ruling themselves in a tiny strip of land, that used to be ruled by Muslims.

This version of the final solution places all of that Muslim violence at Israel's doorstep... arguing that Muslims are only violent because of Jewish provocation.

The logic here is not terribly original. When the blueprints for the last Final Solution were being unrolled on polished conference tables, there were no shortage of fine minds willing to explain why it was the Jewish provocations that were responsible. And even when the Jews fled Germany, the Nazis had no choice but to follow them on a campaign of conquest all across Europe. Similarly Muslims have no choice but to expand their killing spree beyond Israel, bombing synagogues in New York and Buenos Aires, beating Jewish students in Paris and Toronto, and murdering a Rabbi and his wife in Mumbai.

And so the great minds of the day, who have almost as many doctorates among them, as the Wannsee Conference planners, have once again explained how all the violence and all the problems can be boiled down to Jews, living. Of course they avoid the term Jews, though they do slip up some times. And they avoid admitting that what they mean is that Jews living anywhere under their own rule in the State of Israel is provocation enough.

No, they insist that there are places in Israel where Jews living is a provocation and other places where it's less so. Jews living in territory that Israel lost in its 1948 War of Independence and then reclaimed 19 years later in the Six Day War, is very provocative. Those territories are officially labeled Settlements, even when such "Settlements" include homes in Jerusalem where Jews lived for generations, until the Arab armies drove them out in 1948. But supposedly Jews living on land that Israel held onto in 1948, doesn't enrage or provoke Muslims nearly as much.

Looking at all this anger over people from a different ethnic group living places, might lead a psychiatrist to suggest that the Muslims of the region need anger management and and a dose of tolerance, not another peace plan... but the people who know better insist that Muslims will stop being angry when Israel gives them enough land. It's not clear what exactly enough land is.

Israel is already 1/4th the size of the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. It is a little more than 10 percent the size of Syria. It is not even 4 percent the size of Iraq, Morocco or Yemen. It is not even 2.5 percent the size of Turkey or Pakistan. It is 2 percent the size of Egypt, which Israel nevertheless defeated in 3 wars. It is hardly 1 percent of Libya or Iran. And it is not even 1 percent of the territory of Saudi Arabia, whose royals and their paid stooges in the United States have their greasy hands all over the "peace plan" to carve up more of Israel in order to appease the sensitive nerves of Muslims.

Two decades ago we were being told that it was Israeli troops in the Judea, Samaria and Gaza that were enraging Muslims. A decade we were being told that it was Jews just living in those places in their fanatical houses that was enraging Muslims. Today we are being told that it is Jews living in Jerusalem that is enraging Muslims. Tomorrow if we withdraw from Jerusalem, as we did from Gaza, and huddle in the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station instead, it will be discovered soon that the only thing that will appease Muslim wrath is the handover of the Central Bus Station.

4 years after signing the Oslo Accords and promising to make peace with Israel in exchange for autonomous territory within its borders, Nobel prize winning terrorist chief Yasser Arafat expressed his idea for a solution to the Jewish problem simply and clearly enough. "You understand that we plan to eliminate the State of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian State....I have no use for Jews; they are and remain Jews." And when that old murderer died, his funeral was attended by the foreign ministers of every major European country, as well as the man who would serve as Obama's interim Secretary of State before Hillary Clinton.

And so we are back to imposing a solution of the Jewish problem. George Soros, who helped his Nazi custodian loot the belongings of Holocaust victims, while describing it as the most exciting time in his life, has paid for a new US government. He's also paid for numerous front groups all interested in finding nicer ways to say, "Destroy Israel". This includes the likes of J Street, where the J stands for Judenraat, the Nazi collaborating councils of Jews that were used to run the ghettos until their populations could be sent along the next leg of the Final Solution.

Then there's disgraced former Congressman Stephen Solarz, best known as the first US official to come calling on North Korea and its grim butcher in chief. After being dislodged by several scandals, Solarz serves as Vice Chairman of the International Crisis Group, another little Soros project. One day before Yom HaShoah, Solarz, along with the Mullah's Best Friend, Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-authored a Washington Post op-ed, which explains that all of the problems in the Middle East are the fault of that nasty Mr. Netanyahu and Israel, and calls on Obama to impose a peace plan on them.

And so it goes. The Holocaust was not a burst of temporary insanity. It was the project of men in government service with numerous decrees who sat around conference tables explaining in great detail why a solution to the Jewish problem must be imposed. It required an international community that might have thought the Nazis were going too far, but shrugged its shoulders, because it thought they might have a point. It required Jewish collaborators who would help the Nazis do their work, who would herd the sheep, police the ghettos and hunt down refugees. But then Pharaoh had his Jewish taskmasters to beat the Jewish slaves who didn't work fast enough, and Obama has profited by their example.

And so the candles are lit, the siren sounds and everyone stands at attention, hearing the shriek of millions of voices torn from their bodies. And in Washington, a new Solution moves forward to be imposed at the political convenience of the man on top. But Yom HaShoah is only part of the full name of the day. Its full name is Yom HaZikaron LeShoah VeLaGevurah, A Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust and Heroism. For it is as important to remember the dead, as it is important to remember that they resisted. That despite the Judenrats in Europe and the established Jewish organizations in the United States who chose to let six million die rather than stand up to their liberal icon, FDR, there was resistance to the solution.

The Great Solvers of the Jewish problem do not like resistance. Not even the little resistance that has come from Netanyahu. They want compliance. They want people who will march to their own deaths without even voicing a protest, and who will tell their followers to do the same. They want the defensive wall and the checkpoints torn down. The Israeli army disarmed. They want international troops to oversee the dismantlement and destruction of Israel. And they want it replaced by a proudly Arab-Muslim Jihadist state. Because you see that is the solution. The Final Solution.

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