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Sunday, April 4, 2010



The same Western media which gave extensive coverage to the non-coup in Honduras against Chavez ally Manuel Zelayapan, and sympathetic coverage to the struggles of the radio station of Zelaya's political ally, David Romero Ellner, who had a Marxist terrorist past, had molested his own daughter and said that Hitler was justified in carrying out the Holocaust. Despite all this hundreds of stories were filed on David Romero Ellner's heroic struggle against censorship. The arrest of Guillermo Zuloaga will naturally not get this kind of publicity, because he isn't in their camp.

And of course it gets so much worse in Chavezstan,

Chávez’s crony courts have charged Álvarez Paz with conspiracy, “public instigation of criminality” and “spreading false information”–crimes that could draw sentences of 13 to 27 years. Álvarez Paz was indicted for televised statements on March 8 acknowledging the fact that Venezuela has become a haven for drug trafficking and citing accusations by a Spanish court that the Chávez regime supports Basque and Colombian terrorists.

Álvarez Paz’s real crime is that of being the clear-headed conscience of Venezuela’s opposition. The 67-year-old former governor of the State of Zulia who sought his party’s presidential nomination in 1993, Álvarez Paz has gained notoriety for his weekly columns in which he chronicles his country’s tragic, inexorable march to dictatorship under Chávez.

But the same people who go mad every time Israel puts up a house, have very little interest in actual tyranny. Much like the people who weekly denounced British warmongering in the 30's, while Stalin was butchering people wholesale. But they must have isocialist heroes such as Stalin and Chavez, all the more heroic for the atrocities they commit that shore up their revolutionary credentials.

When activist and sometime actor Sean Penn called for reporters who call Chavez a dictator to be jailed, he got to the root of the support for Chavez. Chavez does what they only wish they could do here. What they wish Obama would really do.

This is what they want for America. This is what America would look like if they had their way.

The Judiciary in Venezuela is made up of Chavez loyal followers, named directly by the regime, in open violation of the constitution. Just to give readers an example of the low ethical quality of these magistrates I enclose a video in which the members of the Supreme Tibunal of Justice, dressed in full regalia, when opening sessions sometime ago, stood up and sang: “Uh, ah, Chavez no se va”…. (Chavez is not going) as if they were members of a cheer leader team.

Can you imagine this happening in the U.S. Supreme Court?

In these videoclips an assembly of the judicial power, led by the Chief Justice of the Venezuelan Supreme Court, chants political party slogans. President Chávez refers to Venezuelan federalism and states that any local authority figure that does not follow his lead is engaged in "disloyalty" and "treason." He also states that approaching the judiciary to oppose his decisions is treason against the people and against the revolution.

One of the main members of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, Luis Velazquez Alvaray, was accused of thievery by other members of the regime. He had proposed a modification of the Constitution to name Hugo Chávez president for life. Ater being accused of corruption, he counter attacked, calling the Tribunal "a nest of drug traffickers," adding: "they should put a bomb in that place."

More recently, a female judge, Maria Lourdes Affuni, who decided very correctly the freedom of a Chavez poliical prisoner, was immediately sent to jail without being tried. Chavez said: “She should stay in jail for 30 years”. She has been in prison since last year, simply on orders from the dictator.

Remember this the next time a person like Sean Penn praises Chavez. He isn't ignorant. He knows exactly what he's doing and what he wants done here.

The Cato Institute has a video message from Zuloaga.

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