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Sunday, April 4, 2010


Is the USA entitled to determine what is in both the best interest of itself and another country? Is another country entitled to determine what is in their own best interest as well as what is in the best interest of the USA?

The USA is 500 times the size of Israel geographically and the USA has a population more than 50 times the size of Israel. Is this a congruous relationship?

Because Israel is a special case in the world view, it must weather the onslaught of nations in the far flung corners of the world. The special case is manifested by the fact that Israel is criticized whenever it defends itself while the Muslims can do everything and anything and pay no real price in the international community. And Israel is the only country in the world subject to extinction.

How did Israel become the one special case in the world imperiled by imminent destruction? It began when Israel became the servant of the Holy One. The nations ever since have expressed a jealousy toward the Jew in a variety of ways like not allowing them to live amongst them and treating them as an alien nation. Indeed, while other peoples were building great cities and empires the Jews built a system of achievement, a way of life that has survived the ruins of other civilizations. While the Holy Land was taken away it has NEVER left the Jewish psyche. Now, we see much of the Jewish system of jurisprudence is integrated into Western society -just one example.

HaShem has put the Jew on the path of achievement in all respects. While the rest of the world murdered each other or put their finest minds to work as virtual celibates the studious Jew married into a family of studious Jews and thus produced the mechanism which has advanced the life of all humanity.

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